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Pre Bonded Removal Guide

nail tip removal

Below is a simple and easy to follow removal guide for the pre-bonded hair extensions.

Follow this step by step guide for a proper removal of hair extensions.

If you need smooth jaw pliers, removal kits, acetone remover as well as removal bond
cracker pliers, please our removal section
1.    Apply a couple of drops of remover on attached bonds
2.    Squeeze  the fuse portion five times to break the glue using flat plier
3.    Separate the pre tipped hair from the hair
4.    Remove glue residue 

Please see our pre bonded fitting guide, for more information about applying hair extensions.

Apply 3-4 drops of remover
on glued bonds

Using flat plier, pinch the
fused part 5 times to break glue

Separate pre tipped hair
from clients hair

Use comb or shampoo to     
remove glue residue