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Micro-Loop Fitting Guide

micro loop application and removal

Below is an easy to follow guide in applying micro loop hair extensions.
Prior to doing so, it is suggested to clean your hair to avoid micro rings from falling out and slipping.

How to use?
·    Divide your hair across the back so as to create a clear line. Clip up the remaining hair to put the extensions with ease
·    Twist a few strands of hair for applying the extensions
·    Allow the few strands of hair go in the plastic loop
·    Grasp the ring and then pull the end of the loop until the hair can go in the micro ring.
At this point in time, ensure the plastic loop is totally from hair extensions and micro ring.
·    Pull up the micro ring to approximately 0.8 cm to 1 cm from the scalp
·    Grip the ring with the use of removal pliers. Now the extensions is firmly attached

Steps in Micro Loop Application
1.    Ready a few strands of hair a segmenting comb
2.    Place the loop in the last part of the hair
3.    Raise the root end of the hair above the guiding loop
4.    Pull the entire remaining hair in the guiding loop
5.    Hold the ring with your one hand and in the last part of the loop with your other hand
6.    Micro ring towards the head ready to attached with jaw pliers



Prepare a strand of natural hair
with a sectioning comb

Position the loop at the end
of the natural strand

Lift the root end of the
natural hair over the guiding loop

Then pull the whole of the remaining
natural hair through the guiding loop

Hold the micro-ring with one hand and
the end of the loop with the other

Pull the guiding loop back and the
micro-ring towards the clients head
ready to apply with smooth jaw pliers

How to remove and re-apply:
Because of the natural growth of hair, the extension will require to be replaced.
1.    With the use of sectioning clip to divide the hair so as to make a clear line for eliminating
2.    With the use of pliers, beginning from the peak of customer’ head, one by one unflatten every micro ring slowly
3.    Replace to sit about 0.8 cm to 1cm from scalp. Reflat the ring and make sure it is parallel with your customer’s scalp.