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Hair Extension Methods

Hair Extension Methods

Women and even men have their own way of handling their hair, from blowing to ironing it to whatever that will make it beautiful and neat. Of all things that they have done, nothing seems to do better than hair extensions, especially if you want your hair to be done in just a matter of minutes.

Hair extensions are just a wonderful way of providing your hair with an instant shine, fullness and length. With the hair considered to be a woman’s crowning glory, it must always be kept beautiful, shiny and smooth. However, taking care of one’s hair can isn’t so simple, not with the active lifestyle that most women have and the environment. They often don’t have enough time to take care of their hair and eat the right kind of foods to keep them healthy, smooth and shiny. In the end, the hair becomes thin, dull and lifeless, which is a no-no to any woman who knows how important the hair is.

In that case, following a balanced diet and living healthy is the answer, but in the meantime, the only way to bring back your hair’s shine, smoothness, glow, length and fullness is hair extensions. One of the things that you should consider first when you think of using hair extension is if your hair is healthy enough to support them.

If your hair is not healthy enough—that is if your hair is brittle, dry and breaks easy, then you can expect that your hair extension isn’t going to fare well in handling the pressure that your hair will have to endure. On that note, it is wise if you will consider your hair’s health before you use hair extensions to save yourself from hair loss and unnecessary grief over it. If you want an instant volume, length or just want to change your hairstyle, then hair extensions is the best for you.

Achieving the kind of look that you want depends on the various types of hair extensions available in the market that you can use. In this article, we will discuss some of these types of hair extensions and explain how you can incorporate them in your hair.  

Nail – Tip Pre-Bonded
The pre-bonded extensions have nail-tip keratin bonds attached to the glue (note: the glue used is made from high quality keratin). To do the extensions, start by taking small strands of your own natural hair and then applying them the hair extensions by melting its keratin bonds through the use of a heat connector that melts the bonds that attach the hair extensions to your natural hair (this process is also known as the fusion technique). This way, your hair is provided with a balance of strength, durability as well as ease of removal. The removal tools to be used are Acetone Solution and Removal pliers. It is best if this technique is administered by a professional so as to avoid any damage to your hair.

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Stick - Tip Micro – Rings and Shrinkies
This hair extension method is a simple, but effective technique even without the use of glue or heat.  Micro – Rings are small colour coded rings or tiny tubes that are attached to your hair with the use stick-tipped extensions. It is applied or securely tightened with smooth jaw pliers. This hair extension method poses minimal risk to the hair as it uses neither glue nor heat when applying.

Micro – Rings can also be used for weft extensions. Shrinkies can also be used to apply stick-tip extensions simply by shrinking it around the extensions and your hair when heat is applied with the use of a heat connector. Shrinkies are almost unnoticeable and they are lightweight and secured when used.

When removing Shrinkies, you will have to reapply heat to the heat Shrinkie tube until it can be plied from the heat. When it is, you will have to slide the tube out from the client’s head. You can also use a few drops of acetone, if it is needed to get rid of any residue.

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Micro – Loop
Micro – Loop is almost the same as the micro-ring technique. The only difference is that micro-loop extensions come with micro-rings and loop already attached to them, meaning that they ready to be applied staright away. This means that there isn’t any need for you to buy additional micro-rings just to secure your stick-tipped extensions with. The use of micro-loop method with stick-tipped extensions is applied with only the use of smooth jaw pliers. This method is the newest improvement in the hair extensions industry which doesn’t need the use of heat or glue, thus eliminating the risk of damage to your natural hair.

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Weft Extensions
Weft extensions are essentially like tracks where hair extensions are affixed. These tracks are then one by one applied to the hair. Hair extensions are then attached to these tracks with the help of a machine or by hand. It is preferable if it is handmade since with it, the extensions can be customized based on individual needs.

Clip – In Extensions
Of all hair extension methods, clip-ins is considered to be the easiest. The technique is essentially strips of hair that are sewn to a weft which are clipped on to your hair. They are great extensions as they provide the hair with added length, volume as well as color. Moreover, they clip-on extensions can be applied quickly and easily to the hair and it doesn’t pose any risk of damage to it since it doesn’t use heat or glue. Using clip-on extensions also takes only a few minutes to transform your hair and appearance. It can be fitted just by yourself, is affordable with no fitting costs and great for your everyday use. However, it is not recommended to be slept in.  

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Warm Fusion
In warm fusion, a small amount of keratin or any organic material is pre-attached to the ends of the hair strands. Then, the extension strands are attached to small partitions of your hair near the scalp by means of warming, that is heating, the Keratin that was pre-attached to the hair. This will then form a small bond between the hair extension and your natural hair. This is done so that your hair extension can move naturally together with your natural hair. The extensions can last up to 3 to 6 months or more. It should be removed or redone by that time.

Cold Fusion
Cold fusion is in essence just like that of warm fusion, but instead of the keratin bond to be warmed, it uses ultrasonic waves to melt the Keratin to form the bond when installing the hair extension. Just like warm fusion, cold fusion can be removed with the use of a special solvent like Acetone Solution as well as removal pliers. Cold fusion is considered to be the safest of all extension materials that are used in applying hair extensions. It is also the lightest of all extensions and it is safe as well as healthy for the hair.

These are the most common hair extension methods that are utilized when applying hair extensions. It is imperative that you are familiar with these methods as well as the hair extension types to ensure that your natural hair won’t be damaged. Remember that some of these methods may cause damage to your hair, so that means that you will have to think things over before you ever use them. Otherwise, instead of having beautiful hair, you’ll end up losing them.

On the other hand, when it comes to the hair type, Remy hair is considered to be the best for hair extensions. Remy hair is made using real hair – hair with the cuticle intact and flowing in the same direction. Other types of hair extensions that are non-Remy are often processed with silicon, with the cuticle removed and have the tendency to tangle, mat, dry out and oxidize quicker than others.

Aside from Remy hair, there is also the synthetic hair type. Although with technological advancements, the quality of synthetic hair is much improved, it still hasn’t come close to Remy hair. So, if you want something that is of quality and has the look and feel of real hair (since it is!), Remy hair is the best hair extension for you.

Also, if you are interested in hair extensions, it is best if you check local salons first to see what attachment methods they specialize in. When having a hair extension appointment, it is important that you first have a thorough consultation to make sure that your hair is healthy enough and also to find out what hair extension method your hair specialist uses.

By doing so, you can make sure that your hair will have the best care. Your consultation should encompass your hair’s health, your expectation from the hair extension and the length of time that is required for the maintenance and upkeep of your extensions. If you want truly beautiful hair and a trustworthy hair specialist, the consultation is the perfect time to find that out.