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Pre Bonded Fitting Guide

nail tip application

Know how to apply pre bonded extensions? Here we have easy to follow step by step guide that can help you, especially the beginners to use pre bonded hair extensions through fusion with the use of a heat connector, with this guide, and you will see how easy doing this process is.

Prior to applying a pre bonded hair extension, first and foremost, it is highly suggested to do a skin test. A patch examination must be performed to know if you are allergic to cold resin or glue. In examining your skin; put a small amount of cold resin at the back of your hair and leave for 48 hours to make sure you do not have undesirable reaction.

Next, the hair should be cleared up prior to applying, as dirty or greasy hair could lead to the slipping of the keratin bonds and can result in falling out of the extensions. Once applying hair extensions make sure the heat connectors must be between 160 to 170 degrees so as to dissolve the keratin bonds fast and correctly, too low or too high has a significant effect to the keratin.

It doesn’t matter if you need only a half or an entire head application, most of the time this is depends on the volume of the hair you like to obtain, even if we highly suggests that you utilize the product description for the extensions you would like to buy as a guide, as so many strands could cause tangling as well as matting concerns.  And as much as possible never apply the hair extensions, so close to each others because it can issue as well.

Following this fitting guide will help you apply your hair extensions properly and correctly. You can visit our website for more information regarding this process. view our Removal Guide

Start sectioning client's hair
from bottom to top

Insert template to root to
protect scalp from heat

Twist template to protect
scalp from heat

Place Pre-Tipped hair under
clients hair, holding with 1 hand

Place hair connector tool   
under the hair bond

Pinch smoothly for 3 secs to melt
and smooth the glue into every
hair strand

Roll fused part with fingers
and try to close tightly

Finished! Do not shampoo or condition
hair for 24 hours