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Frequently Asked Questions

General Ordering Questions

Below is the list of the most popular asked questions that we get regarding hair extensions products and ordering questions. We answer questions like proper care, application and use, buying process and so much more.

Q: Do you have Exchange Policy or Return Policy?
A: Yes, HairxtensionsDirect.co.uk has a return policy. In case you are not 100 percent contented with the products you purchased you can return it within 14 days of the purchase date. You can check our returns page for further information.

Q: Can I Return the Product in Case I Bought the Wrong Colours?
A: Yes, we will accept it, but make sure that you returned it unused and in original as unused condition in 14 days. In case you badly need the product, we recommend you make a new order then you could exchange the original. You can email us for more information about our terms and condition and our exchange policy as well.

Q: What If I Got The Wrong Product?
A: In case the product you received is not the item you ordered, please email us providing your name, order number, address, product details and why you are returning the product. After giving this information we will guide you on how to go on with the exchange.

Q: How long it takes to deliver the product and how about the expense?
A: You can check out our delivery page for further information

Q: When you will deliver my order?
A:  Your order will be dispatched the same day or next day after placing the order. We dispatch several times per day but our dispatch deadlines are Monday to Friday at 3 pm and Saturdays at 10:30 am. All the orders are delivered around the UK through First Class Recorded, the product will arrive between 1 to 3 business days. On the other hand, this is not an assured service and might take longer than what is expected. We offer Exclusive Next-Day Delivery during weekdays and on Saturday (please see details below) Between 1 to 3 days and the product has not arrived, please contact us and we will give with a reference or tracking number.

Q: Do You Provide Next Day Delivery?
A: We have 4 next day delivery choices on hand here from next-day pre 9am, next-day pre 1pm and we also offer Guaranteed Saturday Service.

Q: Do you dispatch abroad?  
A: Our Company ship abroad. Postage depends on the mass of the product you ordered and it instantly computed upon checkout.

Q: Do you trade in volume?
A: You can purchase in high volume, even if our prices are already at a fixed price so we are not capable to give you more discounts. If you decide to buy in bulk, we could provide discounted postage or free postage upgrades.

Q What Legal Tender Do You Accept?
A:  We do accept any currency all international payments should be made through PayPal that instantly converted into British Pounds.

Q: What is meant by coming soon?
A: This means that the product at present is out of stock and will be on hand soon, contact us if you want a precise timescale.

Q: Where could I get my Royal Mail reference number?
A: Once you have disbursed for Special Delivery or Royal Mail Recorded, please email us, together with your contact information as well as order number and we will give you your Royal Mail reference number.

Q: Is VAT Included?
A: All the prices you see on our store include VAT. The price of the product you see is the exact amount that will have to pay if you order, we don’t have hidden charges.

Q: If I Want a Refund How Long Do I Need to Wait?
A: If your order has been returned back to us will usually refund a similar day, keep in mind that most refunds will take three to five business days.

Q: How About the Terms and Conditions?
A: You can visit our Terms and Conditions page.

Q:  How do I void the products in the shopping cart?
A: All you have to do is to click the box situated on the left side of the screen next to the product you like to remove. Then click the update button at the base of the shopping cart when the products are still in your cart. If the problem persists you will need to clear your browser cache or cookies.

Q: How to Order, what payment methods do you accept?
A: You can click this link to know more about the process of ordering.

Q: Do you Accept phone call orders?
A: No, we don’t have credit card services so we are not capable of accepting order through phone at this time, but we accept payment through Pay Pal, Credit or Debit card (using PayPal Hosted) and Amazon Checkout.

Q: In case of problems, can I contact you?
A: We don’t have customer hotline number. We just communicate through email; this allows us to reply fast to all your questions, if you have any questions regarding your order you can contact us using our online form.

Q: How Could I Give Feedback?
A: If you want to give feedback regarding the item you bought, you can visit our web site and click the product you like to leave a feedback about and the click the review this product ink under the product description.


Hair Extension FAQs


Q: Do You Provide Samples of Your Products?
A: No, we don’t provide hair samples, however we do sell our hair extensions in small volume from twenty five strands.

Q: Not Sure which color to buy? Want a colour Match?
A:  Yes, there are lots of means you could match up the colours. You can choose any of these three options:

1.    You can utilize our color chart guide even if this isn’t totally accurate because of diverse computer resolutions
2.    Buy any of our colour rings
3.    You can give us a sample of your hair you wish us to colour match. Our address is HairXtensions, Po Box 557, Eastleigh, SO50 0GJ – Please include a cover letter together with your name, address and email address.

Q: What is the total number of extension will it take to apply one head?
A: Normally 150 to 200 hair extensions, even if this depend on hair thickness and the desired volume. Please refer to the product description you are interested in for further details.

Q: What is the origin of your remy hair?
A: Our hair is 100 percent Human Chinese Remy.

Q: How long it last?
A: Our hair extension is made to last for two to three months; however you have to follow the aftercare instructions. Please refer to the product description for further details.

Q: How About Dyeing My Extensions?
A: You can color the hair extension, however our hair extensions are multi tonal, made up of many colors. If you are planning to dye your air ensure you avoid the bonds. We are not responsible of any issues you might across. Dyeing can affect the keratin in the hair, please rfer to our aftercare instructions for further details.

Q: Can Using Hair Extensions harm my hair?
A: No, make sure that the extensions are applied by a certified technician and right aftercare is followed, they will not harm your hair. Please click Hair Extension Aftercare Instructions for more information.

Q: Would You Suggest Applying Aftercare Products?
A: It is very essential to treat your extensions. We suggest using Balmain Aftercare Range and the company’s Aftercare Range.  This will keep your hair extensions in a good condition.

Q:  Can I use Hair Extension Even If My Hair is Short?
A: The ideal length must be at least 4 inches long

Q: Can I Use Hair Iron, tongs on my hair extensions?
A: Yes you can use these devices as our products are 100 percent natural, even if you don’t apply heat on the keratin bonds.  It is also ideal to apply Thermal Protection Serum in order to assist your hair from the temperature heat.

Q: Do you give all the colours on the colour ring?
A: Our color ring has all the shades on hand on the whole market, at present we just sell the most renowned colours.

In case you have questions in mind not stated above, or if you have any general related queries, you can contact us through our contact form.