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  • The Difference between Clip-In Hair Extensions and Hair Wefts

    You are lucky if you have been blessed with long, thick, voluminous, and lustrous hair. Long and thick hair has been considered as an important aspect of feminine beauty for centuries. Such hair lets you create any hairstyle and go for complete makeovers on a whim. However, do not stress yourself if your hair is not what you would like it to be. Hair extensions are the best way of making hair longer and thicker by simply attaching human hair or synthetic extensions to natural hair.

    Out of many types of hair extensions available, the two most popular and recommended ones are clip-in hair extensions and hair wefts.

    Clip-in hair extensions: Clip-in hair extensions are easy to handle as they have an easy installation method. They give you the option of adding contrasting colours and highlights to your hair as well. You can easily experiment with different colour sets and create a modern hair trend without having to dye your natural hair.

    It is always advised to get these applied by an expert so that joints can rarely be seen and colours are properly blended so that your natural hair is barely distinguished from the added hair. It is the prohibitive cost of these professionally applied hair extensions that has opened the market for clip-in hair extensions. These can be made of real hair or synthetic material and comes in all shades of colours so that you can simply mix and match with your own hair.

    Hair Weft Extensions: Hair wefts have been popular in the Afro-Caribbean market for a long time. They are sewn into one’s own hair for a semi-permanent effect. These are similar to glued extensions. However, hair wefts are easy to apply and do not cause any pain. Hair wefts are a temporary version of conventional wefts and allow you to clip them on easily to your hair for extra thickness and length. As a contrast to other hair extensions which come in small separate pieces, hair wefts are almost like a half wig which clips from one side of the head and all the way to the other. Once attached to your hair, it creates a fuller effect than clip-in hair extensions.

    Both these types of hair extensions are great ways to add length and volume to your hair and change your appearance. Both give you more hair to work with for fun and creative hairstyling options and also boosts your confidence.

  • Great Tips for Choosing the Right Hair Extensions

    Getting hair extensions is one of the few methods that can bring about a quick and drastic change in your appearance. Hair extensions allow you to add several inches in length and volume to you locks without waiting for it to grow out naturally. There are several types of hair extensions to choose from, and this can be a daunting task for the first time users. Changing up the colour, length, and style of your hair sounds tempting but it will cost you both time and money.

    Here are few great tips that you need to know before choosing the right type of hair extensions:

    Human hair: While choosing the right and best hair extensions, you should check whether it is made from natural human hair or some other synthetic material. Human hair extensions look just like natural hair and last longer. They can also be maintained like natural hair. Synthetic hair is just not the same. For instance, you cannot use a blow dryer on synthetic hair extensions.

    Remy hair extensions: Remy is a method of bundling human hair to keep roots and ends in the correct direction. Remy hair extensions are tangle-free as the cuticles of the strands do not get caught with each other. These hair extensions are also considered to be healthiest because it picks one strand at a time.

    Tape extensions: Tape extensions are attracting a lot of flak from the industry of late, largely due to the words like ‘damaging’ and ‘matting’ that are often associated with it. However, this is just a misconception. When properly cared for and applied correctly, tape extensions which are made with good quality hair can be absolutely phenomenal.

    Hair Length: This is where your comfort and suitability come into play. If you are accustomed to short hair and not sure about how long hair extensions would look, go with what you are comfortable with. If you want to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with your look, add something that will enhance your personality. You should focus on accentuating your overall physical appearance.

    Human hair extensions of all kinds are created to withstand regular washing, brushing, and styling. However, you have to make sure that the store you have chosen is reputable and known for selling quality hair extensions and other related products.

  • Which Hair Extension Technique to Use From?

    If you have thin, fine, limp or low hair count and desire beautiful long and voluminous hair, then hair extensions are the perfect solution for you. Not only will they add volume and length but also make your hair appear thicker and more lustrous. These hair extensions can also be washed, styled, straightened or curled as you desire. The curls will remain until the extensions are washed just like your natural hair. You can confidently go wherever you want with your stylish new look.

    There are many hair extension techniques to choose from. Here are a few methods of getting hair extensions:

    Sew-in: Sew-ins are cost-effective, easy to maintain and fairly easy to remove. The hair is braided tightly to create a base for the hair wefts to be sewn and attached. There are many different textures, colours and types of hair for women to choose from and there are many different price points based on quality and length.

    Clip-ins: Clip-ins are wefts of hair that are attached to a clip. Clip-ins come in many different sizes so they can be placed all around the head. They are great for women who want instant makeovers for special occasions. Clip-Ins take less time to be put on. They can add length and volume in just about every texture, colour and price range.

    Top Pieces: Top pieces extension adds thickness and volume to the top of the head to help camouflage thinning hair. They either have a clip or micro beads keeping them intact. Clients do need to have them re tightened from time to time.

    Micro link: Micro links are also known as micro beads, micro rings or locks as they are gentle to put in and easy to take out. They can be added for length and volume. There is no glue or heat used when applying. To apply, a small silicone bead is placed onto the base of the client’s hair, with an individual strand of extension that is attached. Clients do need to be careful not to use conditioner near the bead to help reduce slipping of the extension. They need to be retightened every couple of months.

    Tape-in: Tape-ins can be used for adding length, volume and thickness to one’s hair. It takes only a short amount of time to install these extensions. They last for around six to eight weeks until they have to be removed and reinstalled. They are applied with a heated tool that heats up a thin strip of glue that is on the hair weft. The client’s hair is put between two wefts to create a seal. These extensions can be reused many times.

    Fusion: Fusion extensions are great for clients seeking length and volume and those who want little maintenance while the extensions are in. The clients can treat the extensions as if it were their own hair. It can take about two to three hours to have a full head of extensions put in and they last for about four months.

  • 5 Most Common Types of Hair Extensions in the UK

    Hair extensions have increasingly gained popularity in the UK and around the world. Gone are the days when girls used to spend long hours at the salon just to get one hairstyle right. An increasing number of women are getting adept in the art and skill of fitting human hair extensions to their natural hair. To add to that, there are a number of hairstylists and companies which have created and introduced various great looking hair extension designs into the market.

    With the ever-changing and ever-evolving lifestyles and exposure to international fashion trends, every girl wants to go for instant hair extensions.

    Here are five most common types of hair extensions in the UK:

    Tape-in Extensions: These extensions are one of the most common extensions currently in use. They do not take too long to be put in and also do not require further visits to the salon for adjustment. These tapes of hair are glued to either side of your natural hair using heat. Tape-in extensions can easily last for several months with proper care.

    Clip-in Extensions: Clip-in hair extensions are the most popular type of temporary hair extensions. These are what you need if you have to give your hair a new look for a party or an outing. The good thing about them is that they can be placed anywhere on the head with ease and are available in all types of colours, styles and textures.

    Weft Extensions: Hair weft extensions are added by stitching bundles of weaved hair to your natural hair. There are two types of weft extensions available in the market – hand wefted and machine wefted. Machine wefted extensions are stitched closer to the tip of the hair whereas hand wefted extensions are closer to the head. They are good for girls with thick hair and usually require more maintenance than other extensions

    Fusion Extensions: These are the most expensive hair extension procedure, but also require almost zero maintenance after the extensions have been installed. The extensions are bonded or fused to the hair using adhesives like keratin and glue, though keratin is now more popular as it is safer. You can also choose to have wefts fused instead of every single strand.

    Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions: These extensions come with a bond attached to the top of the hair extension. These are placed against the roots and the bond is heated, melting the adhesive to your own hair. They can last longer than other extensions, usually around 3-4 months, with maintenance appointments with the hairstylist every couple of months to keep your hair looking flawless.

    In addition to these five, girls can also opt for micro ring hair extensions that do not require any adhesive and are thus safer for the scalp.

  • Know More about Nail Tip Hair Extensions in the UK

    nail tip hair extensionsPre bonded nail tip hair extension is a type of hair extension that is applied to the hair by heating the keratin tip which is found at the end of the extension and attached to one’s natural hair. The keratin is shaped in a “u” or “nail” shape to make it quick and easy to melt against the hair to form a tightly sealed bond. This bond is then fused to the hair using a heat connector and continues to stay on the hair for at least two to three months with proper aftercare and maintenance.

    At any given point of time, if the client wishes to get the extensions removed, they can easily do so. It requires an alcohol based acetone removal solution to break down the bond. All hair extensions should only be fitted, removed and maintained by expert professionals and one must not make use of products without consulting a qualified professional. If you are planning to use these extensions, you can go to your hairdresser and ask him or her to put it for you. You can add only a few extensions the first time you try it on. This will let you get used to the extra hair.

    Nail tip hair extensions are fitted using a heat connector to melt the keratin tip against the small sections of natural hair. The melted keratin is then rolled around the natural hair tightly to form a completely sealed bond.

    If fitted correctly, nail tip hair extensions are quite comfortable to wear. Just like all hair extension methods, it takes a few days for the scalp to adjust to the hair extensions. This sometimes results in mild itching that subsides within a couple of days. Those with a sensitive scalp sometimes need more time.

    The bonds are not visible once a trained professional fits the hair extensions properly. Hair extensions should be positioned just far away enough from the hairline so that the bonds are covered easily with natural hair. This way, one can easily tie one’s hair back as one would normally do without the chances of the bonds becoming visible. It is important to have one’s hair extensions fitted by a trained professional to ensure the hair extension process is carried out properly.

  • A Brief Guide About Micro Loop Human Hair Extensions UK

    Micro Loop Hair Extensions are one of the most innovative forms of hair extensions as they can be used without the application of heat or glue. Micro Loop Ring Hair extensions are made from hundred percent natural and healthy human hairs that have micro rings already attached. They are added straight to the natural hair using the already attached loop technique that pulls the natural hair through the micro ring. One only needs pliers to close the micro ring.

    These hair extensions are soft and smooth to the touch and can be styled in any which way a woman wants. They lie perfectly straight and seamlessly blend with your own natural hair giving you a salon type hairstyle and adding more length and volume to your natural hair.

    Micro Loop Hair Extensions use a sturdy plastic loop at the top of each tip which loops over a strand of your hair and slides up, on release of the loop. The micro ring is then placed and clamped down for stability. No glue, heat or braiding is applied to fix the extensions in place. This makes micro loop human hair extensions one of the safest methods of applying real hair extensions for women across the UK.

    These Micro Loop Hair Extensions are just ideal for someone looking for high-quality human hair extensions, without worrying about the damage they might do to one’s hair. The loops fasten in such a manner that they are almost invisible and stay comfortably close to the scalp allowing one to style her hair easily and add the required length and volume. These types of extensions use a tiny aluminium ring, lined with silicone and are available in hair colours similar to the colour of the natural hair strands. These rings gently hold the hair strands without the use of glue, heat or braiding to keep the extensions affixed.

    These are hundred percent Remy human hair extensions and can be washed and heat styled easily. They are available in high-quality, tangle free range. A full head usually requires at least one hundred grams of human hair. If maintained properly, the life span of these human hair extensions can go up to three months.

  • Micro Ring Hair Extensions for Hot New Style This Season

    Hair extensions can instantly add length, volume and shine to your hair and are easily available in stores or online. You can choose the type of hair extensions based on your needs and lifestyle to bring a dramatic change to your look. While clip in extensions are the easiest to try out, there are other hair extensions that last longer and can suit your lifestyle better.

    Micro ring hair extensions are becoming increasingly popular these days because they do not require heating, weaving or gluing. Micro Ring Hair extensions are made up of metal (aluminium) rings lined with silicone and finished in matching hair colours. These rings are really tiny and can be made to gently grip hair without any glue, braid or heat treatment.

    Micro ring hair extensions look really natural on the hair because the rings match the hair colour and are undetectable due to their small size. This is the safest way to use real hair extensions. The result is also very natural-looking, non-damaging, secure and enduring. They are also comfortable to wear and easy to remove by simply bend-opening the micro ring!

    Micro ring hair extensions can be styled in multiple ways to mimic the hottest trends this season:

    Balayage is a French word which literally means to “paint on”. It is now a very popular free hand hair colouring technique. The colour is not applied from the root to the tip instead it is applied gently on the hair in unevenly divided sections. The final result looks softer, glossier and natural. This is one of the most economical ways as well because there is no need for re-touching of roots. The hair grows out without an apparent re-growth line. Balayage looks great on all hair lengths except very short hair.

    Ombré hair
    Ombré became a rage internationally a couple of years ago and is still very popular as a hair colouring technique. This hair colour is also easy to maintain if the colours chosen are closer to the natural hair colour. The natural progression from dark to light or light to dark from the root of the hair to the tip creates a beautiful look. However, these days there are even more striking colours to choose from the likes of violet, indigo, pink, green, grey, etc. for Ombré hair in addition to black, brown, and red and blonde.

    Two and three tone hair
    One of the latest trends this season is the two and three tone hair. The bottom layers of the hair are darker than the upper layers and each layer becomes lighter than the one below it. This look is not very subtle and requires high maintenance but it looks amazing especially on medium to long length hair. If you have short or thin hair, consider getting hair extensions put in at the base in darker shade than your natural hair colour for this look!

    So embrace any of the hottest trends from this season to revamp your look!

  • Creative Hair Weft Extensions – Different Ways to Complete the Look!

    Hair plays a big role in defining a look, and so any dramatic change in hair – new haircut, style, colour or length – plays a huge role in a complete makeover.

    A hair cut sounds pretty nice but growing out short hair into a voluminous Rapunzel-like mane overnight is more dramatic and even fulfilling. This may sound crazy but it is possible to do so with hair extensions. Hair extensions can add volume, length and shine to your hair and so opting for them is one of the best ways to change your look.

    Some of the important things to consider for this are the kinds of hair extensions available in the market, the price of the procedure and the amount of maintenance required.

    There are many types of hair extensions. Some of these are:
    1.    Individual Strand extensions (Pre bonded, U tip, etc.)
    2.    Clip-on extensions
    3.    Weft extensions

    Strand by Strand extensions are glued to the hair separately. This is a lengthy procedure and some of these techniques involve heat which can be damaging to the hair. Clip on extensions are very easy to use but they need to be clipped in and out every single day making this a lengthy process. One of the most cost-effective and popular solutions is getting creative weft hair extensions.

    Individual hair strands are woven tightly at the top and left loose at the bottom in any of the three ways mentioned above and then glued, weaved or braided into the hair.

    Weft hair extensions come in varied forms:
    1.    Machine Weft Hair Extensions
    2.    Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions
    3.    Skin Weft Hair Extensions

    Machine weft hair extensions are sewn on a special sewing machine creating a string weft which is sewn twice to create a sturdy piece. These are strong pieces and do not shed easily. Machine weaved hair is the most affordable form of all three types of weft hair extensions!

    Hand-tied weft hair extensions are small hair wefts where hair is woven into a fishing line. These are slightly expensive being handmade and cannot be cut. They are created for specific lengths. The best way to apply hand-tied wefts is the sew-in method.

    Skin weft hair extensions are created by embedding hair strands into a long polyurethane tape. This tape resembles skin so these wefts look very natural. Since the skin weft hair extensions are essentially glued onto the skin, they do not last more than one week.

    No matter which type of weft hair extensions you decide on getting, go to a trained professional to avoid any damage to the natural hair.

  • Nano Tip Hair Extensions

    Nano Tip Hair Extensions are the most recent advancement in the hair extension industry, without the use of glue or heat application making them ideal for a safe and clean application.

    The nano ring is only 3mm in diameter which is up to 90% smaller when compared to the older traditional micro-rings.

    Nano ring hair extensions are perfect for everyone, especially when used on thin hair, as the colour coded micro rings are almost undetectable.

    We supply nano ring hair extensions in bundles of 25, in various lengths from 14 inch up to 22 inches. We suggest on average 4 bundles for a half head application (100 strands) or 8 bundles for a full-head (200 strands)

    Nano Tip Price Guide: (per 25 strands)

    £7.99 for 14 inches (0.5 grams)
    £8.99 for 18 inches (0.5 grams)
    £17.99 for 18 inches (1.0 grams)
    £9.99 for 20 inches (0.5 grams)
    £19.99 for 22 inches (1.0 grams)

    For more information please refer to our website:

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