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Aftercare Advice

aftercare instructions

Aftercare Advice
Caring for your hair extensions is a must. By doing so, the extensions will look stunning and beautiful. We highly recommend that you use quality and safe aftercare products that are especially formulated for hair extension use. Although hair extensions are human hair, you need to understand that these do not get nutrients from your scalp just like your natural hair. We highly suggest the following hair extensions aftercare ranges:

  • Balmain Aftercare Range          
  • HairXtensions Aftercare Range

  • The life span of hair extensions will be greatly reduced if you use heat. Hair extensions must be treated with respect just like your natural hair. Aftercare and good maintenance can make the hair feel and look good for long.

    Washing Your Hair Extensions
    Once the hair extensions are applied, you must not wash your hair for 2 to 3 days. After a few days, we suggest that the extensions must be properly washed only twice or thrice per week. Before washing, we advise you to brush the extensions thoroughly in order to eliminate any tangle or teasing using a soft brush or a tooth comb. Use shampoo and conditioner that is specifically formulated for hair extension use. We provide Balmain range and our exclusive HairXtension Aftercare Range.

    When washing your extensions, refrain from tipping your head above your bath because this can cause the hair to tangle. It is advised to wash them with your head upright in the shower. The hair needs to be gently massaged on the scalp through a down and light up motion. Never wash your hair on a circular motion since this can cause matting or tangles. Do not use conditioner to your bonds because this can cause them to become soft and slippery.

    Taking Care of the Extensions before Sleeping
    Always see to it that hair extensions are completely dry before hitting the bed at night. If you are planning to wash your hair, make sure that this will be done several hours before going to bed. The hair also needs to be tied gently before sleeping to avoid tangles. We recommend the hair to dry out naturally, without applying heat.

    Drying your Hair Extensions
    Avoid brushing the extensions while wet. Before you detangle your hair, it is advisable to use leave in conditioner spray. When the hair is post sprayed, detangle them with a wide-toothed comb and make sure that they do not come in contact with the bonds. Make sure that bonds are properly and completely dried. The hair extension must also be supported by holding your bonds. You need to divide your hair into sections and blow dry them using a round and soft bristle brush for a smooth and silky finish, or let them dry out naturally.

    Styling your Hair Extensions
    Irons, heater rollers, crimpers and tongs can be utilized on your hair extensions. However, it would be better to use heat protection spray to protect your natural hair and extension hair before using them. Gels, serums and hairspray can be utilized, but keratin bonds must be avoided because these can result in stickiness and slippage and can even cause weak bonds. As much as possible, avoid overusing heat tools because this can make the extensions dry. To avoid such problem, we advise you to use protection serum.

    Coloring your Hair Extensions
    We strongly advise you not to tint perm or color your extension hair. All our hair is made up of different colors or multi-tonal in nature, so the dye might pick up dissimilar tones. If you are planning to dye your hair, make sure to avoid bonds and it would be better if the dye is darker. We are not responsible for any hair problem since we have been clearly informing everyone that any contact with bonds can affect keratin seriously. Over dyeing the hair can also lead to serious damages on the cuticles.

    Combing and Brushing
    The hair extensions are commonly attached to the general hair, so pulling them hard or mistreating them is just like pulling out your natural hair. When it comes to extension brush, you are advised to use one with cushioned base and soft bristles. Begin styling your extension from the bottom and then slowly move from the top section or portion. Always brush in a gentle manner and do not exceed more than three times per day. We actually supply several quality brushes in our store. The brush glides over your bonds smoothly and when you brush your hair extensions, you must hold and support your bonds and make sure not to put on added stress to your hair.

    Everyday Activities
    Those who utilize sun beds are advised to first wrap their hairs on a towel. The sun beds dry out the hair which can cause problems in the long term. Sun beds can even melt the keratin bonds. For individuals who work out on a regular basis or use the sauna and steam room regularly, they must ensure that the bonds are completely dried and cooled down after the earliest sessions.
    It is also advised not to use extensions if you are pregnant and for one year after giving birth because hormonal hair loss during the period of pregnancy and even after it can accelerate through the hair extensions.

    Swimming and Holiday
    When you are using hair extensions, swimming is not really recommended. If you do, you need to keep in mind some essential precautions. Use a covered band and do not let your extensions get wet. Keep your head above the water and get rid of diving and swimming underwater. Pools usually contain chlorine and the salt and excessive sun heat in the sea can result in keratin bonds breakage and disintegration. These can weaken your hair extensions and can also lead to matting or falling out.

    When the extensions get wet while you are swimming, it is suggested to dry your hair extensions at once after rinsing the hair with fresh and clean water. Use leave in hair conditioner and avoid brushing your wet extensions. Dry the extensions immediately. It would still be best to let them dry naturally.

    Other Essential Aftercare Tips

    • Take good care of your human hair extensions the way you do with your natural hair. Keep in mind that like your normal and natural hair, extensions can also be damaged easily with too much abuse and heat.
    • It is highly imperative to take good care of your hair extensions and take full advantage of them by utilizing the right products.
    • Many manufacturers have tried and tested several methods before choosing ideal aftercare varieties of hair extensions products. These are all done to ensure that hair extensions get the proper product balance to also help maintain the natural hair.
    • When removing tangles or knots, do it the right way by starting at the end and working your way to the top. Do not pull on your hair extensions.
    • Make sure to tie the extensions gently before sleeping.
    • Wash the extensions regularly with mild shampoo specifically formulated for extensions.
    • Hair extensions are proven to be effective ways of changing and improving your appearance, but always keep in mind that proper maintenance and care is badly needed. Once the extensions are properly fitted, you can seek help from a professional stylist.
    • This hair expert can guide you on how to take care of and use your extensions the right way in order for you to look your best with your hair extensions. These extensions are quite expensive and require plenty of time to attach, so it is just right to take care of them the best possible ways.
    • Stylists would advise you not to wash your hair for about three days after fitting the hair extensions. By doing so, you ensure that the bonds are given ample time to completely set and this will also reduce the chances of hair shedding from the bonds later on.
    • Keep the scalp moisturized and avoid silicon-based products and conditioners around the bonds. These products just aid in loosening the bonds.
    • When drying the extensions, avoid scrubbing or rubbing using a towel. Wrap the hair gently on the towel and then air dry them if possible.
    • Wait until the hair completely dries before brushing or combing.
    • The scalp usually feels tender immediately after the hair extensions are installed. This is noticeable after one to two days after the installation. However, there is really nothing serious to worry about because this is normal and would just eventually go away. The scalp becomes tender because the added weight of the extensions is put to the scalp.
    • Hair extensions can be styled similar to how you style your natural hair especially if you invest in good quality extensions made from one hundred percent human hair. You can blow dry them, straighten or curl them if you want.
    • Maintenance appointment on a regular basis is strongly advised after getting fitted with extensions to make sure that everything goes well. You can arrange an appointment with a professional stylist. This might just be the perfect time for bonds to be removed or replaced or have them trimmed.
    • Hair extensions require proper and regular maintenance, but when you get used to these and learn the right ways on how to style, wash and dry your hair extensions, they will surely look great for a long time and everything will be worth of your time, money and effort.